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Vancouver Film School

I’ve been looking into the Vancouver Film School lately. It sucks that it’s so far away from me, because it seems like an awesome school. But no one wants to hear about that — no, you want to see some examples of how awesome VFS is, right? Of course you do.

My favourite so far (as I trawl backwards through their YouTube channel) is Who Wants To Be An Amerikan. It is amazing, and exactly the kind of film I want to make one day.

There doesn’t seem to be a higher-resolution version of it, unfortunately.

There are countless great short films on the VFS YouTube channel. I suggest you go through and check some of them out. Not all of them are incredible per se, but I’ve yet to find one that wasn’t at least good.

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  1. zConnection · October 25, 2009

    My sister wants to go there… maybe she'll run into you guys there someday. 😛

  2. Ryan Lalonde · October 22, 2009

    Yeah I watch VFS all the time. The videos that come from that school are always so creative and made with awesome.

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