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Koihime Musou

Koihime Musou

Note: This is only the first season of the show. The second season is called “Shin Koihime Musou”.


When Kanu was young, her family and their village were wiped out by bandits. As she grew up, she saw more and more of the world, and how so many other families were torn apart by war, disease and other things. And so she sets out on a journey: a journey to find the answer. Not an answer to why life is fair, but rather a journey to find the path that will change the world.

Along the way, she becomes well known for hunting down bandits like the ones who killed her family, and meets and adopts Rin-Rin, a young girl who like herself who lost her family to bandit attacks. Together these warriors and other companions will seek to change the world.


Within the first five minutes of the first episode I knew that I was going to get hooked on this show. Every episode in this season provided laughs, intense action and even some hentai-like scenes. I say hentai-like because the version I watched was censored and the scenes that would have contained nudity were still in the show, but had some way of blocking the body parts. Pretty much every character in this season is hilarious and hard not to like. There are of course some annoying characters, but they’re usually on the show for one or two episodes. The bandits are the main enemy that the main characters usually fight. In this show the bandits are always the same, kind of like Team Rocket in Pokémon, always returning just to get blasted to the sky.

Out of the 12 episodes that this show has none of them are boring. They all provide laughs and leave you wanting to watch more. I went through this anime within two days on a weekend that I was at my dads. It was definitely worth it. I would definitely recommend this anime to everyone that is looking for something that they can laugh at and be excited for the next episode!

Written by Ryan Lalonde

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