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Five Horrible Arguments for Circumcision

Circumcision is a surgery performed on boys, usually at birth, which removes the foreskin (a hood of skin that normally covers the glans). The decision to circumcise or not is left to the parents; the surgery can be done later in life, but almost never is. Most countries have made up their mind, culturally, whether they do circumcisions or not: they’re the norm in the USA, but not in Britain. Very few people put any real thought into it; it’s just something that’s done as a routine.

The foreskin is not a necessary part of the penis — in the sense that it doesn’t actually affect the man’s reproductive function — but cutting it off is entirely unnecessary. In fact, it goes beyond being unnecessary. Circumcision in this day and age is flat-out stupid. It’s not a big deal, no, but it gets way less controversy than it deserves.

There are five horrible arguments I see people make in support of circumcision: let’s rip them to shreds.

5) “My religion says that men need to be circumcised.”

This is probably the best reason to get your son circumcised, I’ll admit. It’s stupid, but at least it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a vague excuse. Saying “my religion says so” is the equivalent to plugging your ears and humming, really.

But really, who cares about your religion? It’s always annoyed me how religious people like to pick and choose things to believe. Whenever something makes no sense or gets thoroughly disproven through science, the religious have a tendency to excuse whatever conflicting dogma they have — so it’s an allegory now? Fair enough, but if you’re going to ignore bits of your religion anyway, just ignore the part about circumcision as well.

I’ll be honest: I hate religion. Can’t stand it. Even so, I accept that people have a right to believe what they want. What I don’t accept is using your beliefs to circumcise your son, who might not even have the same beliefs as you. It’s not like you’d know.

4) “The foreskin can cause health problems.”

This is the most infuriating, but it’s low on the list because it’s not as common as it used to be. Still, I do occasionally talk to people who labour under the impression that circumcision is “good for you”. IT ISN’T! And some people just refuse to accept this fact. How hard is it to understand?

Yes, it is technically true that circumcision at birth can prevent certain medical problems such as phimosis. But how common is phimosis? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not! No matter what all the over-diagnoses from paranoid parents and ridiculous old wives’ tales say, the vast majority of men do not have a hard time retracting their foreskin.

That applies to pretty much every medical myth about circumcision. There’s no significant medical benefit to circumcision, and anyone who says otherwise — based on some urban legend — is woefully misinformed.

3) “Circumcised is easier to clean!”

This argument is just baffling to me. Are uncircumcised penises really that hard to clean? According to a lot of people who aren’t uncircumcised men, yes they are. According to everyone else, what the hell are you talking about? That makes no sense. Do you have a hard time cleaning under your arms, too?

There’s no greater way to say “I have no confidence in my son whatsoever” than to get him cut at birth. You don’t even know him yet and you already think he’s a slob! Seriously, it might be uncomfortable if you have to remind your son to wash behind his ears penis, but that won’t even be necessary. He can figure it out on his own, I’m sure.

2) “It feels better for a woman!”

And gay men, presumably, but nobody ever mentions that. All I can say to this is, how the hell do you know? Most countries aren’t split evenly: either a huge number of people are circumcised, or almost no one is. It’s very unlikely for someone to have experience with both cut and uncut penises, in significant enough numbers to actually be able to have a non-bullshit opinion on the matter. And even if you do have the credentials necessary to shout your opinion, it doesn’t even matter. That’s still just your opinion. If there were an obvious winner in the war of “what penises feel better”, it would be common knowledge. Yet people give different answers to the “what feels better” question, usually in direct relation to what is more common in their country.

Beyond your son’s hypothetical future partner, there’s also his sensation to think about. Some people who have had circumcisions later in life say the sensation is worse, and some say that it’s the same. No one says that it’s better, except for the people who have no way of telling. So the option you’re given is thus: have no effect on the sensation whatsoever, rendering the surgery pointless in that regard, or have a negative effect on the sensation, which is a bad thing. Unless you want your son to have less sensation.

I’ve heard the excuse that being less sensitive is a good thing, because then the man can last longer and let his partner have an orgasm first. The people who honestly think this have a) no confidence in their son again, and b) an intimate knowledge of old sitcom cliches. Just shut the hell up already, please. That whole “women are hard to please” shit is getting more annoying by the day.

1) “It looks better circumcised!”

So what, you’re a penis connoisseur? People’s opinions on the aesthetic show the same pattern as above: their preferences depend on what’s most common in their country. So yes, most people in the USA would say they like cut penises better. That could be a valid reason to get your son circumcised: you want him to be accepted by his future lovers, you don’t want him to be ugly, or “different”, or whatever. That’s a good thing for a parent to think about. But you still have to take a risk with it: what if the surgery goes wrong?

It’s not likely in this day and age, but it’s certainly possible. And is it really worth it to take a risk just for the sake of looks? Would you support his expensive plastic surgery, too? Getting it cut just because you think it looks better is a silly reason; a silent way of saying, “Yeah, I don’t really have a reason. I’m just going with the crowd because I’m too lazy to resist.”

Circumcision represents something. Whether your country makes it the norm or not, making your decision based on that fact alone shows that you can’t be bothered thinking for yourself, and you have a disregard for your son, however slight it may be. You should do research and make an educated decision, because myths and misconceptions are rampant when it comes to routine practices like this.

Many circumcised men won’t want to think about it, or they’ll fudge up an answer so they don’t have to think negatively about themselves. But really, it doesn’t matter if you’re circumcised or not. Just because it’s something we should stop, doesn’t mean it’s something we should be ashamed of.

I bet my mother didn’t think I’d ever write 1300 words about penises. Your children can surprise you.

Written by Likes to Ramble


  1. Reginald · February 22, 2017

    I 100% agree with you. My parents are so religious, and I am secretly an atheist (to avoid them having to drag me to church every day to “convert me back to cristian”. Religion is stupid. So is circumsision. I can not orgasm at all – I just lost the sensation overall. Horray thank you parents

  2. Nick · May 21, 2013

    This is a great argument about circumcision vs no circumcision I found while typing in why do people get circumcised. I’m not sure if the writer wants me to copy his or her comments so i’ll leave the name and the website I found it on out.
    “First up, my personal opinion, I think circumcised penises look like mutilated, skinned mushrooms, and there’s that ugly scar on it. They seriously gross me out. Get a restoration! Now for some facts, 85% of men, globally, are intact/uncircumcised, and the whole ‘preference’ thing is merely what women are accustomed to (and what their country’s media has spoon-fed them), which would mean around 85% of women in the world prefer intact. It is a known fact that only a small minority in the world still actively practice circumcision (in America and Muslim/Jewish countries). Even the circumcision rate in America has dropped to 33.5% in 2009. Why? Well, let me tell you what, actual science and real medical institutions mention, and why San Francisco almost passed a bill to ban circumcision outright. Circumcision rates are on a steady decline in America. Why? Because -every- single “benefit” you’ve ever heard about male genital mutilation (circumcision) has been debunked with modern research. What propaganda in American media spews out is actually the -opposite- to what the actual evidence demonstrates: – The foreskin (which is present on an intact penis) has anti-bacterial properties and prevents infection, effectively -reducing- the chance of STD infection and is much cleaner. “Smegma” (Greek for “soap”), the natural lubricant in an intact male penis, is the reason for this (and what’s gotten all the absolutely ridiculous blame for everything that was once thought to be “bad” about it). It’s also -much- easier to wash than a female’s genitals, and here’s a little fact that that propaganda doesn’t tell you: there is THREE times more smegma behind the labia and under the clitoral hood of a female’s genitals than an intact man’s, and it does not get auto-cleaned from a vagina either (it’s not present inside it). If you really believe the completely false, debunked claims that intact are “unclean”, than keep this in mind: the vagina would be THREE TIMES DIRTIER if that was the case. If you want some proof from the world around you that foreskin substantially reduces the risk of STD transmission, bacterial buildup and infection, take a look at real-world facts and add them together: America is the last Western nation to actively practice circumcision and has the highest number of circumcised males from any country in the Western world. Sum that up with this fact: America has the highest rate of STD transmission from any country in the world.| Not enough proof? Check some credible peer-reviewed sources and educate yourself about a sex organ known as the foreskin. – Babies have a -much- higher chance of dying from circumcision than from the almost non-existent penile cancer. – Visit (the website of a non-profit organization that presents peer-reviewed, verifiable sources for proof of its claims, instead of ridiculous claims made for the 400-million-dollar business that is circumcision), for an actual scientific research that proves that sex with an intact man is -much- more pleasurable and satisfying for the woman than with a circumcised man. And it should be obvious: without a foreskin, vaginal dryness occurs, which can eventually make sex difficult and unpleasurable for the woman since the man’s dry glans tends to scoop out the woman’s natural lubricant (this explains why most cut men actually require artificial lubricant). – The foreskin has been found to absorb estrogen from the woman’s vagina during intercourse, which has a psychological effect on the male which makes him more intimate towards the female. – Intact men can last MUCH longer during sex. Why? An intact man doesn’t need to be “near climax” to feel pleasure, while a circumcised male NEEDS to be on the brink of ejaculation in order to feel any pleasure, which tends to make him want to finish as fast as possible. An uncircumcised male enjoys the entire journey (like the female), and unlike a circumcised male, an intact man can actually -feel-, easily, when he is near climax, allowing him to easily prevent it (and also easily prevent getting a girl pregnant by accident!). Hmm. “The teenage birth rate in the United States is the highest in the developed world, and the teenage abortion rate is also high.” ( I wonder why. America also has the highest rate of erectile dysfunction in the developed world, and also the highest use of Viagara. A recent study had shown that intact penises are statistically larger than circumcised penises. This is due to a circumcised male’s penis being restricted from most growth during puberty and childhood (there’s a good reason the foreskin is initially adhered to the glans [self-cleaning] during childhood then separates: it’s a part of the natural growth process). – The foreskin contains 20 000 nerve endings, while the clitoral hood of a female contains only 8000. These nerve endings are entirely devoted to sexual pleasure, but also pain. Female circumcision was banned in 1997 in America because of the negative trauma that girls grew up with from the pain from the procedure. When the brain of a -male- infant was tested before and after circumcision, the brain waves were disturbed, -permanently- after circumcision; believe it or not, this can have a drastic and permanent effect on their mental wellbeing, even if they pretend to be fine (technically they don’t know the difference). A word of warning for mothers: if you’re going to have this done to them, watch the procedure yourself. One mother, having watched it, was in mental trauma for decades, from witnessing the horrific screams of her child from the procedure. Well over 100 infants die every year in America from circumcision. …Also, keep in mind that the vast majority of the “Yes” answers seem to be from both circumcised American males and paid advertisers, and from the looks of it, they had been brainwashed by a 400-million-dollar business. Not even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends circumcision; and every single thing I’ve read from their responses are laughably false. Check “Intact and Famous” for a massive list of celebrities who are intact (e.g: Colin Farrell, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Dane Cook, Pierce Brosnan, Will Smith…). And there are several circled celebrities who actually hate the fact that they’re circumcised: look them up. It is male genital mutilation that severely damages the man, and the woman as well. Want evidence for my claims? Check them for yourself from -credible-, scientific sources, instead of propaganda from paid media advertisements. And another thing, that comment on the “Yes” section that starts off with “Some want it even mandatory!”, judging from the link he or she has given to an article, it’s from some third-world African country, and the poster refers to it as his or her own country. They practice that like rituals from a ridiculous, biased, and now-disproven “study” from over a century ago, in a developing African country that didn’t know how to practice the scientific method properly at the time. Look up details on that and you’ll notice that it was the most ridiculously biased “study” you’ll ever see.”

  3. max · April 25, 2013

    “Ahhh, the good ol fashion argument: your thoughts, opinions, religion, and world views are wrong because I say so. If parents shouldn’t be “allowed” to circumcise their sons, even for religious reasons, then I guess they shouldn’t baptize babies either.”

    Holy crap Briana, please kill yourself because you are clearly an irrational idiot incapable to understanding even the most basic logical concepts.

    Circumcision isn’t wrong because “we say so”. It’s wrong because it’s a human rights violation. It’s wrong because it involves mutilating the penis and permanently disturbing the function of the sex organ of a man for the rest of his life, irreversibly. The fact that you think that removing an important part of the penis is in any way comparable to a baptism.. you need to kill yourself, for the good of this world, because we can’t have people like you running around.

    And yea, and considering you are a woman – how much would you like it if we started cutting parts of the female genitalia off for the same reason we do for males? i’m sure you wouldn’t like that, and that point itself basically proves how much of an idiot you are. I know you’d be up in arms if someone cut parts of YOUR genitals off without your consent. so please, do us all a favor and kill yourself.

  4. KL · February 12, 2013

    The foreksin is a neccessary part of the penis. It keeps the head protected and sensitive. Why would you expose what is supposed to be a sensitive part of a body to constant stimuli?

  5. johntoreno07 · November 27, 2012

    Cutting off the penis skin WTF Why ? HA HA HA

    LOL white people and their idiocity XD

  6. SharkCat · February 28, 2012

    I love how you debunk these 5 arguements in your article. I’d like to say that there’s a sixth reason, too, and that is: sometimes the circumcision is done incorrectly. Circumcision is wrong, but it’s even worst if it’s done incorrectly. I was circumcised as an infant, and it was done incorrectly, apparently because some of the foreskin was left. I had to get an operation at age 7 to fix it, which was a horrible idea. I’m still not clear as to if it was the original circumcision that creates the problems I have now or the second surgery, but up until I was 12 the scar would open at times, causing intense pain that lasted for days. There’s more skin on one side than the other, and whenever I get an erection it’s bent at a wierd angle. There are small chunks of flesh missing from the glans, I can barely feel any pleasure during intercourse, and from time to time the scar starts hurting– I don’t really know why. Also, the wound healed in a wierd way so that now there’s some sort of hole in one part of the circumcision scar that resembles something you would put an earing in.

  7. Circumcision | 10 Stupid Reasons For Circumcision | VizFact Dot Com · January 8, 2012

    […] This is the biggest lie of all time. Penis foreskin has millions of nerve endings which allow for increased sexual sensation and have been proven to aid the male in riding the wave of an orgasm resulting in lower chances of premature ejaculation. In other words, minute men are likely circumcised men. Also, I have read that circumcision only benefits how the sexual stimulation of gay men. […]

  8. Briana · September 22, 2011

    Ahhh, the good ol fashion argument: your thoughts, opinions, religion, and world views are wrong because I say so. If parents shouldn’t be “allowed” to circumcise their sons, even for religious reasons, then I guess they shouldn’t baptize babies either. It’s the same thing: you’re doing something to someone else’s body without their permission for a stupid thing like religion. And I also presume that getting your infant daughter’s ears pierced well be the next heathen act to be chopped. (I wouldn’t mind that one actually, I think it’s horrible & degrades the girl) we also should ban parents from dressing their children. you’re making a decision for the child and smothering their creativity, which could have life long emotional effects, for all you know. Lets ban spankings too, those are mean. Infact, lets just take everyone’s kids away until they can be brainwashed into all believing the same things. My point here people is that you cannot force your opinions on others. It makes you just as bad as the bible thumpers who condemn everyone around them. For example, theres a culture that believes in female circumcision. I believe it’s completely wrong, but just because *I* think that way doesn’t make me right. It doesn’t mean I should go condemn these people and their beliefs and try to take their rights away. You don’t believe in circumcision, great! But don’t lobby to take away people’s rights. You have to realize that by trying to take away the rights of a few, you will harm the many. It’ll snowball into this extreme thing and, before you know it, no one will be able to do anything. You think you’re so enlightened, and are so busy patting yourself on the back, that you don’t see how many freedoms you are so willing to give up. Parents should have every freedom to raise their children as they see fit. Why? Because if societal views can control what parents are allowed to do, then YOU aren’t really the one raising your child -popular opinion is. Long story short, look at the bigger picture, stop forcing your beliefs on to others, and learn some humble tolerance.

  9. dondioni · June 6, 2011

    I was circum. at 23 yrs old religoius reasons.
    within 1 month my knob end had gained abut 1/2 inch in dia and 1/4 in length, looked much better.
    46 years later I am very pleased witrh my equipment,
    I stil enjoy sex for up to 40 45 mins almost every day

  10. Thomas · June 2, 2011

    I really like the argument ““Circumcised is easier to clean!”” because it is the equivalent of going, “Well your teeth would be easier to clean if you didn’t have those cheeks.” NO SHIT! DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD SLICE YOUR CHEEKS OFF.

  11. aMum · June 1, 2011

    Wow sensitive subject, but one that MUST be discussed. I almost went along with cirsumcizing my son, thought it was the norm no big deal, but when I pushed him out of my body & held him I went hold on, NO ONE is going to cut anything from ‘his” organ, if not necessary. Did research as anyone should do before a surgery & realized we live in a time with running water & it is not hard to keep clean. There are nerve ending that will be cut off, sex for him could be not so great later in life. Read that the foreskin is a PROTECTIVE covering like your eyelids. Things CAN go wrong during the procedure or after such as death, babies have died from this. So all the hard work I did nurturing child in womb was not going to risk his life or his future happiness. God doesn’t make mistakes, but man does. He was born that way & didn’t think it was up to me or his Father to alter his perfection. Although don’t get me wrong can understand why the Egyptians started doing it in the 1st place, plumbing was nil back then & while so young so it heals quicker. Interesting how it does change the look of it all, but my only concern was protecting my son. My Motherly Instinct. It does not bother me when people make ignorant comments. Why make fun of a penis that does not belong to them? My son’s penis is his own, not his parents so would not make that decision for him. He is his own man & a fully intact one until he chooses otherwise, but would insist he did his research 1st before making such an alteration on his manhood.

  12. Mike · April 3, 2011

    It was nice of Ali to illustrate how wars continue to be fought over just this issue. I’ve been harangued by an Indian (Hindu) teenager about how Pakistanis are primitive, uncivilized dogs — his father told him — because they’re circumcised. I’m guessing Ali heard a diffferent story from his father.

    Remember this the next time you hear about fighting over Kashmir. And also that India and Pakistan both have nuclear weapons.

  13. Dan Soucy · April 2, 2011

    personally, i agree with ali. bran doesn’t know shit about pleasuring a woman.

  14. MamaJasmine · March 23, 2011

    I have had multiple partners of cut and uncut men and I can honestly say that there was never an issue with cleanliness for the uncut men, in my experience. I personally enjoy uncut men more because I see a difference in regards to the way they respond to sensations…its just what I prefer. As to the person who said they are filthy..the only thing you proved with your rude comments was that you are not comfortable with sex yourself.. you should just stop having it NOW.

  15. Bran Rainey · March 21, 2011

    “If you think a cut man is better sexually, you are free to that opinion, but truly that makes me guess that you’ve never been with a man that has a WHOLE penis. Why would you want only half the prize when you could have it all?”

    ^– This is even more stupid than Ali’s comment. I’m irritated that you think we agree with one another.

  16. Jacie · March 21, 2011

    Ali, the clean vs. dirty is a myth….just because you feel the need to justify the mutilation your parents put you through doesn’t make it true. I’m sorry they did that to you though.
    Oh, and take a little look at the rest of the world, where NO ONE ELSE ROUTINELY CUTS OFF PARTS OF A BOYS PENIS FOR NO GOOD REASON and you’ll maybe start to understand just how incredibly stupid circumcision is. For the record, the foreskin contains more nerves than the clitoral hood on a woman, estimated at over 20,000, many of them specialized nerve cells….who wouldn’t want to keep those? Except maybe someone such as yourself who doesn’t like sex? Dunno. Think about it.

  17. tqoe62 · March 21, 2011

    Ali, wash your cooch much? An intact man is no dirtier than an intact woman. Statements like that are an insult to about 80% of the world’s men and the women that love them.
    Religious freedom ENDS where someone else’s body begins. Damaging someone else’s body is NOT part of religious freedom.
    If you think a cut man is better sexually, you are free to that opinion, but truly that makes me guess that you’ve never been with a man that has a WHOLE penis. Why would you want only half the prize when you could have it all?

  18. Heather · March 21, 2011

    Actually most people I know here in the U.S., including myself have been with both cut and uncut men. I personally can’t tell much of a difference during the act, though I do prefer the look of an intact man. When I see a cut penis all I can think of is that baby being tied down and screaming. Definitely a turn off

    Not your penis, not your choice.

  19. Alma Hadin · March 12, 2011


  20. Parenting from the Dark Ages | Likes to Ramble · January 27, 2011

    […] careers and moral values, but basic issues of self-identity as well. I’ve already mentioned circumcision a million times, but it ties directly into this. Parents get unnecessary and potentially harmful […]

  21. angry reader · July 21, 2010

    i am insulted by this article and i have an incessantly inflammatory comment about it :V

  22. Jonathan · July 20, 2010

    good ranting about not being circumsised and i agree that infants shudnt even be cut at birth. When they get older they can make that choice when they know what they want to do. I mean come on its not fair to people who parents choose to get cut. Luckily i wasnt those who got cut at birth.n In my teenage years i went through low self esteem about my penis being uncut. I was the only one in my family that wasnt cut. Why ? i would never know. But when i turned around 15 i decided i wanted to get ct ut. I had sex without being cut and then when i got cut. the sex is no diffrent. Main thing was it was my choice to get circumsised . Doctors should persuade parents to wait till they children are old enough to decide what they want to do

  23. Ali · June 20, 2010

    You are aware that uncut penises build up filth that cut penises don’t?

    You know, cause there’s no where for it to build up. Look just cause your parents didn’t get you circumcised when you were a kid doesn’t mean you need to write this dumbass rant to justify your obscene and most likely filthy dick.

    Also how the hell does religion not justify getting circumcision done? If someone wants their kid cleaned up what the fuck is it to you?

    Obvious uncut fag is obvious, get out of here with your stupid argument. You clearly don’t know anything about pleasuring a woman so why even try arguing over it.

  24. Spoony · February 26, 2010

    I really like your rant! I’m glad that you clarified that it was, and I agree, those are really horrible reasons, and that the ‘religion’ one is the best! At least it isn’t supposed to be ‘rational’!

    I’m planning to do a dry, logical, and witty and tasteful and rational and scientific argument on my website, as well as expand on it with my own experiences in this culture, which are quite… baffling. You would find them amusing, I’m sure. Here’s a sampling:

    First off, when I was a teenager I didn’t know that penises had foreskins, because they were missing from my anatomy books and stuff.

    My first realization that anything was missing was when I was about 20 and this guy told me he was circumcised and I wondered what that meant, and then he told me all this stuff that I later found wasn’t true, thanks to the library. That’s how I got into this whole thing.

    Later on, I interviewed this guy who was talking about being circumcised as a teenager and how badly it had affected his sex life (it was a rather extensive one) and how he was depressed for two years.

    I used all this in discussing this with other people who have just brought it up out of the blue. I was prepared, but my arguments never reached them.

    I’ve had an “It’s okay, we’re all different” religious woman getting her son circumcised in my backyard, practically, because of her conversion (not his!) I’ve had a crazy pregnant girl scream at me for saying anything “It’s MY CHILD!” and stormed out of the room, I’ve also had these two girls who had never met one another start talking about it and tell me that it’s a good idea to circumcise infants because then they don’t know what they’re missing when they’re older, and that it would be okay if their clitorises had been chopped off at birth for the same reasons. You know, because they wouldn’t know to be upset about it — and they both thought that despite never having met before!

    Judging from the responses I get from people on issues on this and a myriad other things, I have come to the conclusion that most people are lazy idiots. That’s why I’m building a website to help make people’s brains better, so that I won’t be quite as lonely, as long as I can persuade people to get into it.

    Oh, and I came across your rant because I’m actually going to write an ENGLISH PAPER on this subject. Can I pull it off? Only time will tell…. Hoo hooo hoooooooo!

  25. Hugh7 · January 11, 2010

    Great rant but you left out “A boy should look like his father”. My answer,

    If a father still thinks that, let him restore his own foreskin – and how about hair removal and penile reduction surgery to make the resemblance complete? That argument is all about the father’s anxieties, not the son’s. A son’s reaction when he learns why they’re different is more likely to be “Poor daddy!”

    There’s another answer on “It looks better/Women prefer it”: times change and tastes change, and nobody knows what people will think looks better or women (or men) will prefer 20 years from now. With circumcision now down to about 55% in the US, whole willies (if you’re British, dicks if you’re not) are going to be a lot less unfamiliar 20 years down the track. Not only that, but he might move somewhere circumcision is not the norm, or simply grow up to wish he had all he was born with. How DARE anyone try to second-guess him on anything so intimate, based on THEIR preference?

  26. Jason Hicks · January 11, 2010

    I can definitely hop on the anti-circumcision band wagon having had it done to me at birth. I think the vast majority of circumcisions are for cultural reasons — the other reasons are definitely used by those in denial though after its done to them.

  27. Bran Rainey · January 11, 2010

    I wasn’t trying to change anyone’s mind with this, really, though that would be nice. I just felt like ranting, and I thought it was entertaining enough to post.

  28. SaintSkip · January 11, 2010

    Again, I really really enjoyed this.

  29. SaintSkip · January 11, 2010

    I enjoyed this article a bunch – but I’m already a member of the Intactivist camp. I wonder how many of the “undecided” people will read this without stopping halfway through, labeling you a radical zealot and dismissing your opinions completely.

    Preaching to the choir is easy, mate. Changing minds requires etiquette, moderation and tact. Which are you trying to do here?

  30. Restoring Tally · January 10, 2010

    Great rant. There are no valid reasons to cut off the sex organs of a baby boy. I really wish I had not been circumcised at birth. I spent too many years having sex with only part of dick. Fortunately, I found out about foreskin restoration and it is making things a lot better. If men only knew how much better sex is with a full sex organ, infant circumcision would stop immediately.

  31. Mike · January 10, 2010

    Excellent. The last line is a killer, too. (Y)

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