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Top Five Video Game Duos

Top Five Video Game Duos

Throughout gaming history these duos have proven effective in completing whatever tasks they’re assigned. These are the best of the best. Join us in our countdown of the top five we’ve enjoyed playing as.

Chris and Sheva
Unlike the previous title, Resident Evil 4, the female protagonist that follows you isn’t completely helpless. Sheva proves her skills are just as valuable as Chris and together they make a kick-ass team in a game structured on cooperative play. They are a more recent duo than the rest of the list but they have proven themselves worthy regardless.

Mario and Yoshi
They’re easily the oldest pair on this list, they’ve been together since the beginning of console gaming and have been inseparable since (with the exception of a few titles). Although this odd duo worked as a team, they did have their flaws. Yoshi being the underdog was often left with the task of carrying around an infant Mario or being sacrificed for an extra jump. But regardless they’re a noble pair and in the end it was all for a good cause.

Ratchet and Clank
These two are a more comical pair than the last and their missions involve far less gruesome combat tactics; nonetheless they are still a wonderful pair with humorous personalities.

Marcus and Dom
“Brothers to the end” — that’s the tagline for the third title in the Gears of War series, and no other duo on this list defines it more. Marcus and Dom have been through more blood-splattering, curb-stomping, and downright frightening shit than any of the others on this list. But their teaming against the macabre has kept them breathing till now. In the post-apocalyptic world of Gears all these two have are each other, and till the end they’ll keep fighting.

Diddy and Donkey Kong
If you though Marcus and Dom were tough they have nothing on this duo. Diddy and DK are without a doubt the most hardcore team on this list. Back in the glory days of RARE a little game called Donkey Kong Country was published. Players fought their way through 40 different levels that were both challenging and fun. Though they were separated often, neither of the pair ever left their fallen comrade behind and even if they did they were never more than a barrel marked “DK” away. This is in my mind, the greatest video gaming duo ever.

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Written by Ryan Lalonde

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