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Three Point OHHHHHH

Have you ever wondered what the 90s would be like if Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter existed then? Pretend we had fast enough servers and optimum bandwidth (infrastructure during the 90s wasn’t as well developed). I never have! I’m sure you, Likes to Ramble reader, haven’t either. So here’s the thing, why should you care about such a pointless scenario?

First off, let’s fast forward to the privacy models these websites use. Twitter is the most open of these networks. Facebook is essentially a walled garden because most people have privacy settings or have their profile completely blocked from non-friends. Non-friends, by the way, is slang for people who have not given into the smash hit service that wants to protect you from other people. Myspace is basically a site that intends to be a walled garden but nobody can figure out that fucking control panel.

Now let’s contrast this to what was going on during the 90s. AOL was trying to BE the internet by tricking n00bs into believe their interface was the “internet.” It was “online” in America. You have patriotism, tech bubble jargon, and those free coasters that everybody loves contributing to AOL’s success. For all your grandmother knew she was seeing The Matrix.

And that wraps up this ramble. I’ll try to post a little more often if I ever manage to free myself from Minecraft.

Written by Likes to Ramble

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