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My Thoughts on Dumb People

Why are people so fucking dumb? Like, goddamn dude, why can’t you fucking SEE the big picture, moron? Everyone has moments from time to time where someone else’s stupidity astounds and enrages them, and rightly so.

You see a bunch of schlubs taking Scientologist happiness tests in the subway, you read about how a lot of Americans think their president wasn’t born in the US, or sometimes it’s just that people are generally watered-down, dull, stupid people who don’t think critically about anything and can’t spell. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

The beauty of human interaction is that even relatively stupid people can empathize with this frustration, as intelligence is not black and white but a gradient, and arguably it isn’t linear either, but more some abstract pattern which curves and spikes due to various outside influences, such as upbringing and genetics. In other words, no matter how fucking stupid you are, you’re always smarter and more insightful than someone else, because you happened to be somewhere where a lesson was learned, and they missed it by not being there. This is why even dumb kids know not to brag to their parents about getting pregnant, or walk into traffic, because they learned through first- and second-hand experience that neither of those are very good ideas.

But simply being in the right place at the right time with your eyes and ears open isn’t enough to save most people from the rapidly expanding black hole that is their own ignorance. This is evident from the fact that there are plenty of people in their old age who are still as stupid and diluted as the hood teenagers who bag their Depends at Rite-Aid, and who they just love to admonish and put down for not being successful. The difference is that these assholes have had seventy years on the Earth to figure out their shit, but instead they can’t even figure out when they have to shit.

So what is it that makes some people smart and some people incompetent? Though a lot of people would like to believe it’s all genetics and God and thetans, the truth is that it’s actually rather simple; the basis of intelligence is interest. People who are successful and intelligent and “geniuses” aren’t really endowed with something you don’t have; that’s just something we’d like to think because it gives us yet another excuse to feel deprived about something. The truth is that these people are simply interested in learning; they’re curious. If you aren’t interested in the world and how things work, you won’t learn about it. Who would have fucking thought, right?

And it’s not even something that’s terribly difficult to ascertain when you look at every day occurrences of stupidity. Many people are intense sports fanatics who follow every facet of every game and can debate these components with a shocking amount of insight and perspective, yet they will vote a make-believe cowboy into office because he reminds them of their buddies. They are clearly capable of understanding why that’s stupid, but they choose not to think about it. Again, it’s about interest. Anyone can figure out that the real reason kids don’t know how to spell beyond a first grade level on Facebook is not because they’re mentally challenged but because they simply don’t give a fuck; i.e., they have no intrinsic interest in the medium we use to interpret the world and communicate with each other: language. Now that’s the definition of stupid.

It’s really a shame, too, because aside from various exceptions due to pathological causes (autism, retardation, etc.), it’s pretty well established that kids are born curious and interested in what goes on around them. The problem is that a lot of parents are more concerned with making their child’s existence convenient for them than actually nurturing an intelligent, innovative future generation. Fun fact: your kids didn’t choose to be put on the Earth and they have no inherent obligation to you whatsoever. On the contrary, they are owed an upbringing that allows their individuality and natural inclination towards learning to flourish.

So, unless you want smug blogger assholes like me to harbor infinite amounts of disdain for your offspring and write angry rants about them on the Internet, I suggest you either invest more care into their mental and social development, or wear a rubber. Either would be a smart idea.

Written by Likes to Ramble


  1. Mike · June 17, 2011

    I see. “Throughout” must mean “once in the 2nd graf” then. Diluted does mean “watered-down” but it doesn’t mean “dull.” Unusual metaphor for intelligence.

  2. Max Baumbach · June 17, 2011

    As in “watered-down” or “dull”, which are used throughout.

  3. Mike · June 17, 2011

    Diluted? By their delusions?

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