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The End

The End
This article is strictly the views of the writer, and not the views of the blog as a whole.

Would it be too obvious and pretentious to quote The Beatles here? Yes? Fine then.

I’m not sure if this blog has “readers” so much as it has “people who stumble here from Google by pure chance”, but for what it’s worth: You might have noticed that the updates from me have been trickling slower lately, and given that I’ve been the only remotely consistent presence on this blog since it started, my lack of interest has basically ground this zombie to a halt. And this time, there’s a good chance it won’t reanimate.

Likes to Ramble began back in 2009 on a whim by Ryan. He thought it would be cute if he registered this domain name and then gave people personalized blogs using subdomains (using for his blog, etc). But since I was apparently the only person he knew at the time who could be bothered writing, my blog was the only one that really updated. After a few months, when it became clear that no one could be bothered turning “likestoramble” into some kind of LiveJournal-esque blogosphere social network, I asked Ryan if it might not be better to recycle the domain name into one super-blog and allow that to have multiple writers. That’s how this site started, and why it has such a bizarre name.

Really, this was all an excuse to make use of a domain Ryan bought for no reason. And as much as I’d like to be part of a Thoughtful Smart Person Mega-Blog, I never wanted to craft that blog all by myself purely to satisfy some obligation that fell into my lap. This isn’t even my website — it’s Ryan’s, and he hasn’t written in over two years, is no longer on speaking terms with any of the writers here, and has apparently quit the internet entirely. So now seems like a good time for me to officially jump ship.

Yes, this means I’m never going to post anything here about being transgender. I thought about preceding this post with another melodramatic coming-out piece, but I have to be honest: that old piece about being a gay man was so over-the-top because I was trying to convince myself as much as anyone else. I don’t really think I’m at a point in my life where I can genuinely write something smart about my experience with gender. One day I probably will, but that day isn’t today and it’s never going to happen on Likes to Ramble. I’ve been nagged since day one to write something about feminism, too, and that’s not happening for pretty much the same reason.

I had a great time with this place, really. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and posting stuff here was the first time I ever got comments on my writing that weren’t completely vapid. But now that I have an account on Everything2 and a personal website that I could easily add a blog to, this place is starting to look vestigial.

Thanks for the memories, everyone. It’s time for me to drum solo.


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  1. Mike · April 4, 2013

    On the other hand I feel like I let him, and you, down. He asked me to post, several times, back when he was still excited about it, and I always turned him down.

  2. Mike · April 3, 2013

    You know how at the end of The Great Gatsby, Nick delivers his final, devastating assessment of Tom and Daisy? He says, “They were careless people.”

    I think that about Ryan a lot.

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