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Likes to Ramble is a blog of ramblers. It has no definite update schedule except for “fairly frequently”, and no definite content guidelines other than “not unreadable”. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed to get alerted of new posts as they happen.

The site is split into nine categories that you can browse:

  • Essays – serious opinion pieces
  • Gaming – mostly video games
  • Humour – original comedy (not funny links)
  • Movies – movies, whether they be features or shorts
  • Rambles – mostly personal things, short posts
  • Rants – whining, moaning, complaining
  • Reviews – reviews of stuff
  • Technology – anything related to computers, the internet, etc.
  • Tutorial – how-to articles and educational stuff
  • Pick a category that interests you for a quick introduction to Likes to Ramble!

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