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Author: Connor Beaton

Because Connor’s so awesome, and prone to doing things without getting prior permission from his superiors, he’s the only person on this blog with a biography. Isn’t that awesome? So, uh… Connor’s this cool, racist and sexist Scottish kid who lives in a cottage and probably eats stovies and haggis all day. Hey, it’s straight from the horse’s mouth so it must be true, right? He’s also incredibly sexy and has three girlfriends, all of whom love him for his long locks of blonde hair. That and his big junk. Can’t forget the big junk.

What She Thinks About Sin City

“It’s degrading,” were my sister’s exact words when I asked her why she didn’t want to see Sin City, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s film adaptation of Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel series. “If you can’t see why, then you’re an idiot.” Despite my protests, nothing seemed to change her mind.

Avenue Q

This week I finally enjoyed the opportunity to watch Avenue Q on stage in London’s Wyndham Theatre on West End. I’ve got to say: I was excited as hell. You…read more →


Christopher Nolan reportedly began developing the universe of Inception nearly ten years ago, and that’s not hard to believe; with all it’s intricacies, paradoxes and innovative ideas, Inception is undoubtedly his masterpiece and well worth the ten-year development period. Set at an undisclosed point in the future, Inception sees a team of skilled extractors – thieves specializing in extracting information from a subject’s subconscious by entering their dreams – attempt a seemingly impossible task: injecting an idea into a subject’s mind in a manner convincing enough that the subject believes the idea came from himself and not a third party.

The Importance of Trash Talk (and Originality in Trash Talk)

As long as there has been multiplayer gaming, there has been trash talk; we can shout and swear at computer-controlled enemies on pixellated screens all day, but it’s nowhere near as satisfying as knowing you’re shouting at an identical series of pixels that can actually understand what you’re saying.