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Money can’t buy happiness

According to psychology, the age-old aphorism “money can’t buy happiness” is actually true… after a certain point. It is definitely true that the extremely poor are unhappy, since they can’t even satisfy their base needs, but once a person gets enough money to survive the line gets blurrier.

Keeping Drugs Illegal Is a Terrible Idea

Most people see drug legalization as a fight with two sides: one side consisting of strongly anti-drug people who would support another prohibition, the other consisting of a bunch of stoners who treat drugs like a way of life. When was the last time you heard a proper debate on drug legalization?

Marijuana Should Be Legal

Did you know that marijuana is one of the most useful products on the planet? Did you know that marijuana is less harmful than coffee? Do you know what the government plans to do if it becomes decriminalized? These are all things every person should know when deciding whether or not marijuana should be decriminalized.