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What if Tyler Durden Wrote the Supposed ‘Rules of Menswear’?

What if Tyler Durden Wrote the Supposed ‘Rules of Menswear’?

When it comes to fashion, it seems as if there are opinions regarding the supposed – and often elusive – rules of menswear derived from a multitude of sources who report on the exotic phenomenon as if a game warden looking to track and capture a Haute couture yeti. With recent published reports in the Wall Street Journal and a rebuttal from the ornery crew at Four-Pins, the rule book continues to be a hot-button (only one button should be unbuttoned on an Oxford) issue. The reason? A definitive style guideline doesn’t exist because there’s no human being – real of fictional – with enough moxie or bravado to dictate how one should live his/her life? Or is there? Ladies and gentleman, I give you Tyler Durden.

I learnt how to perform cunnilingus while on holiday with my boyfriend

I was in a mixed class of kids from grades two and three, and whenever a concept was grade-three-only the teacher would assign the grade two students some questions and tell them to sit in a corner and ignore her lesson. I got in some trouble back then for persisting in listening to her lessons instead of doing my work, but hey, I sure was good at multiplying by the time I hit later grades. Okay, so that story had almost nothing to do with cunnilingus, but it’s relevant.