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Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft definitely made a huge step forward with the release of IE7, so why should anything be different here? I hoped that, with Firefox’s market share steadily rising, they might feel the heat and really go the extra mile. Turns out I was wrong, but not by that much. IE8 follows in the proud Internet Explorer tradition of being confused.

Top four worst things about Firefox

It’s time to rant about the four things I absolutely hate in Firefox. Why four? Because I couldn’t think of a fifth one, so I just gave up and made it four. This is not about extensions, since you can easily ignore those, but rather about forced features of the browser.

Top five Firefox extensions

One of the greatest things about Firefox is its enormous community of people working to make new extensions and themes. Without this community, I would just use Opera. I’ve been a Firefox user since before version two came out, and I’ve seen things come and go a lot, but some extensions just can’t be shaken. These are the top five Firefox extensions.