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The Social Network

The Social Network

The subject of this supposedly true story is in his late 20s, and obviously making an analysis of his life as it is now would make little sense, so The Social Network uses him solely as an icon to get across its messages. However, while the movie does a great job conveying these messages, they aren’t actually what the movie should have been about. Instead of addressing the current issues indicated by the title, it just uses timeless messages and didacticism so it can be praised by stodgy film critics. And that’s kind of lame.

Don’t Fall for Fake Gameplay Growth

Gameplay growth is one of the things that makes video games fun to play, but it requires effort on the part of the player. Restarting levels isn’t fun, so it’s easy to see, from a business perspective, why developers would want to cut back on real gameplay growth, and instead focus on a “fake” growth…