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Different (short story)

We reach the basement and the carpeting abruptly stops as the corridor leads into a sleek, metallic room. This is his storage room, where he keeps what could be the most powerful object on Earth. Money, fame, power. I just have to get through the locked vault door and I’ll have it all. It’s what I’ve always needed.

Jesse and the Lawnshaver (short story)

Jesse lived alone, never going to the bars, and the people there had to make their own conclusions. But this was a year ago. This was before that chilly Christmas morning when Jesse pulled himself out of bed, looked out his window, and saw the strangest sight he thought he would ever see.

Necrotech (short story)

All the people wandering the streets, getting hit by the occasional vehicle as it drives through at top speed… these are the monsters. These are zombies. I shiver again, and it has nothing to do with the cold. The city is infested.