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The Social Network

The Social Network

The subject of this supposedly true story is in his late 20s, and obviously making an analysis of his life as it is now would make little sense, so The Social Network uses him solely as an icon to get across its messages. However, while the movie does a great job conveying these messages, they aren’t actually what the movie should have been about. Instead of addressing the current issues indicated by the title, it just uses timeless messages and didacticism so it can be praised by stodgy film critics. And that’s kind of lame.

A Goofy Movie

If someone told you that there was a Goof Troop movie, would you expect much more than a made-for-TV cash-in? Surprisingly, this movie is more than that. Yeah, it’s a goofy cartoon (get it?) with tons of slapstick, but it never forgets to include the undercurrent of drama required to maintain your attention for the running time.


Where Superbad tried to be a straight comedy with only small dramatic elements to keep it afloat, Adventureland tries to do the opposite. In this, the film is fairly successful.

Lost and Delirious

If you’ve read other reviews from me, you might have noticed that I have a thing for heavily flawed movies that manage to still be good. This is one of those movies.


Christopher Nolan reportedly began developing the universe of Inception nearly ten years ago, and that’s not hard to believe; with all it’s intricacies, paradoxes and innovative ideas, Inception is undoubtedly his masterpiece and well worth the ten-year development period. Set at an undisclosed point in the future, Inception sees a team of skilled extractors – thieves specializing in extracting information from a subject’s subconscious by entering their dreams – attempt a seemingly impossible task: injecting an idea into a subject’s mind in a manner convincing enough that the subject believes the idea came from himself and not a third party.