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Are Video Games Art?

Are Video Games Art?

I don’t care about games as art when I’m the player, but I would care deeply if I were the creator behind the game. That’s why this question can’t be allowed to slide, as far as I’m concerned. It’s a matter of integrity and respect, not literal importance.

Top Ten Reasons Why Urban Dead is Awesome

Urban Dead is an awesome low-tech browser game by Kevan Davis. The premise behind the game is that you’re in a quarantined city named Malton, either fighting for survival against zombies, or fighting for tasty brains. Urban Dead has proven itself to be pretty damn awesome over the past few months, and I feel like I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I didn’t make an attempt to advertise it. So here’s my top ten reasons why Urban Dead is the best browser game ever.


You remember SimCity, don’t you? Though I never played any of the sequels to SimCity, I can tell right away that this game isn’t one. SimCity on your iPhone or iPod is a pretty good deal. It’s not perfect by any means, since all the problems that were fixed are only replaced with more problems. Still, it’s a fun game and remains pretty faithful to the original concept.