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Join Swagbucks TODAY FREE!

Join Swagbucks TODAY FREE!

Hey Everyone!
I am just an average person like all of you and who doesn’t like free gifts for no extra effort? I made this site in an effort to spread my techniques of making a little extra money to pay for the luxuries that you have always wanted but cannot afford to get because of your limited salaries and expenses. I hope you like this site and I hope this helps you save a lot of money like me!

Money can’t buy happiness

According to psychology, the age-old aphorism “money can’t buy happiness” is actually true… after a certain point. It is definitely true that the extremely poor are unhappy, since they can’t even satisfy their base needs, but once a person gets enough money to survive the line gets blurrier.

Thoughts on the Skype purchase

I’ve never been a big user of Skype. I downloaded it a few years ago so I could have a quick conversation or two with somebody I’d never met. I decided it wasn’t really for me, so I stopped using it and forgot about it, and have never had any reason to install it on this PC. Still, I have to admit that I find Microsoft’s $8.5 billion purchase intriguing.