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Necrotech (short story)

All the people wandering the streets, getting hit by the occasional vehicle as it drives through at top speed… these are the monsters. These are zombies. I shiver again, and it has nothing to do with the cold. The city is infested.

Top Ten Reasons Why Urban Dead is Awesome

Urban Dead is an awesome low-tech browser game by Kevan Davis. The premise behind the game is that you’re in a quarantined city named Malton, either fighting for survival against zombies, or fighting for tasty brains. Urban Dead has proven itself to be pretty damn awesome over the past few months, and I feel like I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I didn’t make an attempt to advertise it. So here’s my top ten reasons why Urban Dead is the best browser game ever.

Bran’s Zombieland review

Zombie movies tend be rather empty, I admit, so it’s always nice to see one break away from that and offer some subtext a la the original George Romero films. This is not such a movie.

Connor Beaton’s Zombieland review

Shaun of the Dead has already proven to us that there is comedy in the zombie apocalypse, and Zombieland is perhaps an even better example of such. Opting for the fast “Infected” zombies, the film sees Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin take on the roles of four survivors of the human apocalypse.