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Maple Madness

MapleStory is an MMORPG by Nexon. Unlike most MMOs that use a third-person adventure perspective or isometric overhead view, MapleStory looks more like an old platformer. I used to play it about two years ago and decided to give it another go recently. I downloaded the game, installed it, and tried to run it. But, it didn’t quite work…

Maple Fail
I was like, “WTFHAX!” I went to the forum and asked for support but nobody helped me with anything I didn’t already know. I downloaded the latest version of my graphics card drivers, tried compatibility mode and that didn’t work. The hacking shield thought I was trying to hack. After two days of waiting to find a way to get MapleStory to work, I restarted my computer once more and loaded up MapleStory. It ended up loading.

Maple Story 14 Hours!

I was really happy when it worked and I haven’t gotten off yet. As I’m writing this blog post I am doing a PQ (Party Quest), I’m level 23 and I’m a Cygnus Knight. That means that I made a character, leveled to 20 and then made a Cygnus Knight. Making a Cygnus Knight puts you back to level 1 but gives you special stuff. You also level faster. While I’m writing this blog post I’m also nearing my 15th hour of being on MapleStory without getting off. It’s so crazy. I’ve never played a game for this long straight! My character name is Kiloditer and I’m on Bera. If you’re also on Bera you can add me to friends and send me a message. I’ll always answer back! This game PWNS!

Written by Ryan Lalonde

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