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What I Eat. What You Eat. Let’s Talk About Food.

Today I am going to take the time to talk about something very dear to my heart: breakfast burritos. I’ve been eating nothing but burritos for twelve months straight. Okay, sometimes I will have the occassional pizza here and restaurant meal there, but overall I like to eat the same thing everyday.

The egg burrito meals consist of two burritos, altogether four eggs, one slice of American, two table spoons of Mama Lupe’s salsa, and two strips of bacon wrapped in tortillas. I usually can only eat one of these meals a day, but if I happen to be doing a lot of work, sometimes I will make another meal before bed.

Why the egg burrito diet? Once upon a time, I used to eat nothing but McDonald’s egg burritos. Then I started trying to justify paying $5 for something an eight year old could make. I have noticed my weight generally stays within 125-130 lb (convert that to KG you commies!) and I take a multi-vitamin to offset the lack of diversity in my diet.

There are pros and cons to a diet such as this. On the one hand, feeding yourself the most predictable meal perhaps influences the growth of certain stomach enzymes to process the same meal more efficiently. I do notice stomach trouble whenever I stray from this type of food. But I may not be getting enough grains. I mean, all of the stuff in these burritos is pretty high up on the food pyramid!

What do you eat? Any suggestions?

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  1. Ryan Lalonde · November 11, 2009

    One thing that I eat everyday is a Sunrise Sandwitch, which is pretty much a sausage or sausage and egg McMuffin. It’s so delicious!

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