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Amie Street and Minor Kingdom

Hey guys, you probably haven’t heard from me in a while, life and stuff kinda took over. But don’t worry, I’m back, and right now I’d like to talk to you about a little website called Amie Street. Amie Street is one of my favourite websites, because I like to think of myself as quite the music lover. Amie Street is the perfect outlet for that love, as it lets me discover new bands (mostly indie) and download their music. Some of it’s free, some of it’s paid, but the best part is that you can earn credit to spend in their music store simply by recommending a track. As the track gets more popular, its price rises (capped at 99 cents) and I earn the difference to spend on any piece of music I’d like.

It’s through Amie Street that I discovered a little alternative/acoustic band called Minor Kingdom. At first I only downloaded one track, Choir of the Lilies. I was hooked, so I downloaded another. Before I knew it, I’d actually paid money to Amie Street for the first time in exchange for $10 of credit, which I promptly used to buy their entire album and recommend as many tracks as I could. If you’re a fan of the genre, I strongly recommend checking out Minor Kingdom on Amie Street, and then becoming a fan on Facebook.

Hopefully I’ve brightened up your day by bringing these two things to your attention. See you soon!

Written by Connor Beaton

Because Connor’s so awesome, and prone to doing things without getting prior permission from his superiors, he’s the only person on this blog with a biography. Isn’t that awesome? So, uh… Connor’s this cool, racist and sexist Scottish kid who lives in a cottage and probably eats stovies and haggis all day. Hey, it’s straight from the horse’s mouth so it must be true, right? He’s also incredibly sexy and has three girlfriends, all of whom love him for his long locks of blonde hair. That and his big junk. Can’t forget the big junk.

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