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25 Things Not to be Embarrassed About

  1. When you can’t remember the last time your socks matched.
  2. The highlight of your summer was when the entire 6 seasons of OTH was on Much Music.
  3. You still know all the words to Hit Me Baby One More Time.
  4. As a child you could confidently say you saw every episode of Saved by the Bell.
  5. There was a time you thought the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the best rap song ever made.
  6. You once thought there was nothing wrong with rocking out to Liquid Dreams by O-Town.
  7. You thought the day The Weekenders left the Family Channel was a very sad day indeed
  8. There was ever a moment in time when you thought no song could ever be better than the Hamster Dance.
  9. You still cry at The Lion King.
  10. You’ve had 6 failed elementary school marriages.
  11. You could stay at home on a Friday night watching every Harry Potter and still have a great time.
  12. You still dream of going to Walt Disney World.
  13. At 16 you ran away from a girl or boy who liked you.
  14. You still get excited from watching trailers for animated movies, and find excuses to go see them.
  15. You sometimes find yourself wondering: “Whatever happened to Shaggy?”
  16. You still laugh at that “WASSSSSSSSSSAP” commercial.
  17. Thinking owning a Snuggy would complete life.
  18. You put more effort into your Halo mission than you do your homework.
  19. Reaching level 80 in WoW.
  20. Getting slightly excited at the thought of a S Club 7 reunion tour.
  21. You find there’s nothing wrong with going to bed at 8:30 on a school night.
  22. Accepting deep down that maybe the Jonas Brothers aren’t so terrible after all.
  23. You’re a 16 year old boy who knows Party in the U.S.A. by heart.
  24. You’re a true believer in the power of ShamWow!
  25. You once saved all of your money for Pokemon cards when you had no idea how to even trade/play!
Written by Ryan Lalonde


  1. Connor Beaton · April 20, 2010

    At least some of these go for me, sorry to say, heh. I only disagree with 22 and 23.

  2. Bran Rainey · April 4, 2010

    I’ve done/am doing most of these. xD

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