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FatCow Hosting Review – 2013 Website Hosting Review

FatCow Hosting Review – 2013 Website Hosting Review

Rating 10/10

Supreme Value
Excellent Uptime
Easy to Use
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“Reliable, easy-to-use, and cheap…”

After reviewing the Top 15 web hosting companies, we found that Fat Cow ran away with the top choice.

Certainly this was a tough decision as there were several companies that may have come in a close second, but Fat Cow, really impressed us in every category we looked at. Their superior value and reliability were impressive, but it their service was also easy to use and navigate through.

When it comes to value and affordability Fat Cow came out on top among their competitors. For only $3.67 a month, they provide a bank of services, including a free domain name, free set-up fees, a free website builder, free analytic statistic tools, unlimited disk and bandwidth space, and unlimited email accounts.

And they didn’t stop there. Fat Cow offers so many of the tools needed for free, we didn’t believe it at first. Fat Cow allows you to create your own web store, accept credit cards, PayPal shopping integration with your website, shared SSL certificates, unlimited sub-domains, and excellent 24 hour technical support. Whew! And each of these are high quality services!

They also offer spam protection, unlimited POP mailbox accounts, unlimited databases for larger websites; they even offer free poll or survey tool software. In addition, they also offer coupons such as $75 credit for Google Ads, $50 for Facebook Ads, and $25 for Yahoo/Bing Advertisements. In addition, they also have a 60-day free trial of Constant Contact.

For sure, we knew the value was there, but how about their reliability? We may have unfairly been harder on Fat Cow, because we had never worked with them before, but we need to make sure that they were as dependable as they said they were. In fact, we tested and look at all of our websites, especially during highly anticipated peaks and found that Fat Cow exceeded our expectations. In fact, we had no problems with them whatsoever.

The next important factor on our scale was “ease of use.” Would the “average Joe” be able to utilize Fat Cow’s offerings? What we found was incredible. We instantly loved it. Fat Cow perfected what good User Interface (UI) should be with their dashboard. Easy and very simple to work with, Fat Cow took away the prize with their easy to use system.

While not in our “official” criteria, we had also placed several calls to the technical support, to note their customer service. We asked a variety of questions, from easy to very difficult and found that the representative on the line was very helpful and very knowledgeable.

Considering all the criteria and more, we are confident that at this time, Fat Cow reigns supreme as our top choice.

The Verdict: Extreme value, highly reliable, and very easy to use.

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Written by Ryan Lalonde

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